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At DNK Auto Electrical we carry out servicing for all major makes and models of cars and light commercials. Your car needs a regular service to allow us to change things like filters, plugs, oil etc. We provide a full service and Pre NCT check.

Keeping your car regularly serviced ensures:

  • Better fuel efficiency

  • Helps to spot any worn parts before they fail

  • Prolong the life of your vehicle

  • Avoid having to get a big job done further down the line

Our mechanics have years of experience in the business and can carry out everything from a basic service right up to a full and complete check. If we do find any issues while we are carrying out your car service, we let you know straight away.


We provide a full computerised diagnostics for all major makes and models of vehicles. Your car is monitored by lots of different computers, which can let you know when something is wrong. A good example of this is when the red fuel light comes on. This communicates what is wrong. Our diagnostics can tell what is wrong with the car, saving our mechanics a lot of time looking for the fault. This time saving measure means that we can pass savings onto you.

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