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DNK Auto Electrical

We offer extensive vehicle electrical installations and repairs.

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DNK Auto Electrical

Your vehicle consists of a complex wiring system, which controls many of the functions of your car. At DNK Auto Electrical, we look after installation and repairs of all electrical components. Whether you need your electric windows fixed, or simply want reverse sensors installed, our team of qualified mechanics is here to get the job done.

Starters & Alternators

We use our state of the art diagnostics to quickly determine the problem with your car and get to work on fixing it. We can supply and fit starters, alternators for any size engine.

Reversing Sensors

Ensure you never bump into anything again with reversing sensors installed on your vehicle. These handy sensors ensure that you can park with ease.


It is important to ensure that your battery is in good working condition, especially coming into winter. We can supply and fit batteries for all types of vehicle, simply drop into our Centre today.


Has your exhaust fallen down? Can you hear excessive noise coming from your exhaust? Our experts work fast to repair any exhaust issues.

Tow Bar Fitting Service

We can install a towbar for your vehicle, regardless of make and model. There are different types, we can advise you on which one will suit best, depending on your requirements.

Tracking Devices

We can install tracking devices on your vehicles. We provide this for various reasons, car hire companies, commercial fleets etc. We can walk you through how to best set them up.

Sat Navs

More and more people rely on their sat nav to get them around. With road networks constantly changing, it can be difficult to get around unfamiliar areas. We can install an easy to use system in no time.

Phone Kits supplied & fitted

The fine for being caught with your phone is €60 and three penalty pints. Don’t take the chance, get a phone kit installed by one of our mechanics today. We set everything up and can show you how to use it.


Have an old media player in your car? Want to be able to connect your phone / iPod? We can install a new stereo that meets the specs you want. Once we have it wired and set up, we can show you how to work it.

Car Alarms

Protect your car with an alarm. Our team can install alarms on all types of vehicles; simply call into our centre today.

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